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  • SMB productivity for 2014: Outsourcing


    As we plod our way to the end of December it’s time to take stock of the year we’re closing the door on and look ahead to 2014. What are we proud of? What will we do differently? Here’s how outsourcing can revolutionise your business and your own personal energy levels into 2014. Not a […]

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  • Wednesday Tip: Linking to your website on your Facebook page


    Just a quickie today: when you set up your business’ Facebook page, you’ll see a section called ‘Short description’. This is the tagline that shows up just under your photo and business description. Once you’ve typed in a short description, be sure to add your website link to this box. (No need for the https:// […]

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  • Getting started on social media: Should I be on Twitter?


    Twitter is one of the biggest and well-known social networks, but is it right for you and your business? If you already have a Facebook page, you might want to know about the benefits of Twitter for your business, and whether it is worth the time investment for you. The advantages of Twitter Twitter is […]

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  • Wednesday Tip: Facebook Personal Profiles vs. Business Pages

    You might have set up your Facebook account back when your business was so small you didn’t think it was worth setting up a separate business account. You just added people as friends and it grew from there.   What is the difference? With a personal account you have to approve people as friends. Anyone […]

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  • Getting started on social media: Should I be on Pinterest?

    Pinterest is an image-sharing community, so if you have a visual business, something where you have lots of images of products, you can use Pinterest to find new audiences. If you have a service (such as accounting, training or consultancy) you might find it harder to showcase your own work, although you can still draw […]

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  • Picture this: What Twitter’s visual changes mean for companies

    Twitter is changing. Mashable has just reported that Twitter will be adding images and videos into your stream directly, rather than providing links for you to click. Currently, one-third of links shared on Twitter are images – but this will no doubt increase with the new look. This will give your Twitter feed more of […]

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  • What’s my top tip for content creation? Your customers.

    This last week I have heard the complaint, “I love using social media, but I find it hard to know what to post” at least three times – and that’s just in casual conversations with small businesses. If you’re nodding your head at this, you’re not alone: a recent report by the Content Marketing Institute’s […]

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  • Real time marketing isn’t out of reach for small businesses: 8 tips for scaling RTM to suit you

    You may have read about real time marketing – the phenomenon of promoting your business on-the-fly and reacting to events as they happen – but maybe you’ve dismissed it as a fad that only brands with large marketing budgets and social media command centers can get involved with. But the ethos behind RTM is one […]

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  • Your customers are your greatest marketing resource: what you can do to help them work for you

    Many businesses have tight budgets and little spare time when it comes to marketing, so you have to be sure that everything you do counts. So why not let your customers help you spread the word about your business? A recent study by Search Engine Land found that 72% of consumers trust online reviews as […]

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  • Forget the SEO game: how Google+ can be an online billboard for local businesses

    Google is so dominant in our everyday lives that we now talk about ‘googling’ something when we mean that we are going to look it up online. What many businesses don’t realize is that Google have their own social networking site called Google+, and, because it harnesses the mighty power of Google, it is a […]

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